Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Saying Farewell !

Time flies so soon. We will be graduate very soon, I reluctant to give up my memories at this school. I want to thank you for my teachers and friends before I leave F.D.W.A. Chow Chin Yau School.

First, I want to thank you my class teacher Mr. Tong. He have taught me for three years, he helped me a lot.And also I want to thank you my subject teacher, such as Chinese. English and general studies.They made me learned many useful knowledge. So I will not disappoint with their hope.

And than I want to thank you for my friends at this school. My best friend is Nerissa Wu , we have met each other for six years, we always stay together and share our happiness or vexation. I want to thank you her concerned. I hope when we go to different secondary school, we also be good friends.At 6B, I want to thank you Co Co Leung , she is my best friends at 6B too!She always support me.Thank you , Co Co!

-A photo we go to Shanghai trip- -we go to visit museum-
Finally, although some teachers have not taught me, they gave their caring to cultivate
students.Thank you any teachers!!!!
But when leave this primary school, go to a new secondary school, I will also come back and visit our teachers who are have taught me.I love my an alma mater or the school one attended very much!

By : Charlie Chung


  1. It is F.D.B.W.A Chow Chin Yau School

  2. Charlie, it's been a pleasure to have you as a student. You have always been attentive, though a little bit too quiet, in lessons. Your homework has always been neat, tidy and most importantly, very well done. I appreciate your effort very much.
    Also, it's really nice to see you open up and express yourself during the last year or so. I did not know that you could when you were in p4! ^_^
    Finally, try your best in secondary school. Just be yourself and you will be fine. I am looking forward to seeing you back here in September!

  3. I'm sure I 'll come back when it is September and also the special days.I want visit the teachers too!!!
    I love this school very much!!!