Thursday, 27 May 2010

Saying Farewell !

Although day slowly past,I cannot forget all friend teachers.Remembered the land transportation meets?? I am entire audience's gold medal prince, at that time did not have any artificial me by happy,really was I neglect compared to the human,but Mr.Tse to me said your very many gold medals,do not feel proud,at that time i was moved extremely because i first time heard the such touching speech,i did not had any disappointed feeling at once,i thanked you extremely,Mr.Tse i loved you extremely,hoped you might live extremely with your spouse romantic extremely


At these two years,I met a lot of good friends.But I very happily become schoolmate
with schoolmate 6b class's you not to have when i am the friend have not worked as i am schoolmate,quickly graduated i to hope you could under such 29days,i aslo be able to get down happy happily,i liked this school extremely,because might know very many teachers and schoolmate in here,also might play the basketball with me basketball member in the basketball court,this also was a very happy matter.I love here schoolmate and teacher. also loves here all places,thanks here all teacher's guidance,thanks
fellow teacher. thanks fellow schoolmates.


  1. I love you too, Ken! I hope to watch you play basketball in a Division 1 (甲一) match very soon! But before that, you really need to learn to control your temper. Or you will be thrown out of every game by the referees!

  2. Present I, am changing my temperament, Mr.Tse I guaranteed you may see me to develop my true strength very quickly in NBA, but I very happy may know your this (horse makes fun of) individuality teacher, you taught my 2 years, my English also progressed, thanks you extremely.