Wednesday, 29 September 2010



Sunday, 30 May 2010

Saying farewell JAMES KWONG

I want to thank you for all the teacher.They have always been very kind .Also I want to thank for my good friends.They are Ken Leung,Billy Li,Josiah Choi,Ken Chau,and Lau Cheuk Man.They play with me every times.So happy

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Saying farewell(Lau Cheuk Man)

I want to thank you for all the teachers.They have always been very kind as well as nice to us.Also I want to thank you for my good friends.They are Billy Li,Josiah Choi,Ken Chau as well as James.They play with me every times.

Saying farewell

One month later,we will leave this school,i feel so unhappy and reluctant to give up.
In six year I have learn different things.
Thank you for your friendship and generous.Thank you for teaching.
I will cherish this one year to mix in.

Friday, 28 May 2010

said farewell(ken chau)

Now,I want to said thank you for the teacher becauce they always be kind to me,and in this school I can meet alot of friends,I want to said thank youfor my all friend and teacher they always help me and sure the food to me,in there school I every day was so happy.
I will miss you all time time!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Saying Farewell !(josiah choi)

there are only about 40 days that i need to leave this school.First,i want to thank for all of my good friends,they always play with me and when I am unhappy,they will do somethings that make me be happy,look at the pictures,they are billy,ken,james, fat man and I ! How sweet and handsome we are!Ha ha ha~

I will never forget the school----FDBWA Chow Chin Yau school.It is because the are full of happy things. Such as I have met a lot of clasmates and they have been good to me all the time. The teachers are all kind and nice, they teach me a lot of things and it is useful for me.
I realy want to thank for this school because it give a good memories in my life!

Saying Farewell !

Although day slowly past,I cannot forget all friend teachers.Remembered the land transportation meets?? I am entire audience's gold medal prince, at that time did not have any artificial me by happy,really was I neglect compared to the human,but Mr.Tse to me said your very many gold medals,do not feel proud,at that time i was moved extremely because i first time heard the such touching speech,i did not had any disappointed feeling at once,i thanked you extremely,Mr.Tse i loved you extremely,hoped you might live extremely with your spouse romantic extremely


At these two years,I met a lot of good friends.But I very happily become schoolmate
with schoolmate 6b class's you not to have when i am the friend have not worked as i am schoolmate,quickly graduated i to hope you could under such 29days,i aslo be able to get down happy happily,i liked this school extremely,because might know very many teachers and schoolmate in here,also might play the basketball with me basketball member in the basketball court,this also was a very happy matter.I love here schoolmate and teacher. also loves here all places,thanks here all teacher's guidance,thanks
fellow teacher. thanks fellow schoolmates.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

saying farewell :)

I want to thank for teacher teaching me new things!In this primary school I make a lot of new friends!I always play with them.They are very kind they always teach my homework and we always share our food together!But I am unhappy now because I need to leave this school.
I will visit my teachers when I am in secondary school~

Saying Farewell !

Time flies so soon. We will be graduate very soon, I reluctant to give up my memories at this school. I want to thank you for my teachers and friends before I leave F.D.W.A. Chow Chin Yau School.

First, I want to thank you my class teacher Mr. Tong. He have taught me for three years, he helped me a lot.And also I want to thank you my subject teacher, such as Chinese. English and general studies.They made me learned many useful knowledge. So I will not disappoint with their hope.

And than I want to thank you for my friends at this school. My best friend is Nerissa Wu , we have met each other for six years, we always stay together and share our happiness or vexation. I want to thank you her concerned. I hope when we go to different secondary school, we also be good friends.At 6B, I want to thank you Co Co Leung , she is my best friends at 6B too!She always support me.Thank you , Co Co!

-A photo we go to Shanghai trip- -we go to visit museum-
Finally, although some teachers have not taught me, they gave their caring to cultivate
students.Thank you any teachers!!!!
But when leave this primary school, go to a new secondary school, I will also come back and visit our teachers who are have taught me.I love my an alma mater or the school one attended very much!

By : Charlie Chung

Monday, 24 May 2010

saying farewell !

In this year , I will say farewell to my classmates and teachers . I'm so thank you Mr.Tse for teaching me English . Also Mr.Tong help me for my Maths too . Now , my English , Chinese and Maths also good than last time . I hope my friends and I can study in a good secondary school .