Thursday, 27 May 2010

Saying Farewell !(josiah choi)

there are only about 40 days that i need to leave this school.First,i want to thank for all of my good friends,they always play with me and when I am unhappy,they will do somethings that make me be happy,look at the pictures,they are billy,ken,james, fat man and I ! How sweet and handsome we are!Ha ha ha~

I will never forget the school----FDBWA Chow Chin Yau school.It is because the are full of happy things. Such as I have met a lot of clasmates and they have been good to me all the time. The teachers are all kind and nice, they teach me a lot of things and it is useful for me.
I realy want to thank for this school because it give a good memories in my life!

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