Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My special place

I used to live in this small house with my parents, my 10 dogs and 20 servants. It was quite comfortable but it was quite far away. I used to travel in one of my 20 cars. It was not so convenient.


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  2. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_udQGlJiYD0g/S82Hb-On3TI/AAAAAAAAAAM/boZJVzLoY-A/s1600/HP)DN(%G25HWGF4H9HN8CD1.jpg

    'My Special Place'
    It is not my home, but it is about the "same size home with me". But the living room of my house than it is half!Proud of is this: My TV bigger than that TV !It makes me proud!

  3. Ohhh wtf.??The picture is really fake ;)But I still like this post :S