Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Special Place - Jigsaw Nursery School.

Everyone might have your own special place,and yes I do have mine too.So today I'd like to write about my special place.Does anyone know where's that?I thought nobody knows,okay I'll tell you all now,it's Jigsaw Nursery School.Well I used to live in Pinner,United Kingdom before,I love the old days I've lived there,I've met a lot of bestfriends and bestmates right there too.When I was about 2 years old I attended this nursery.My mum told me that one day our school had a nature walk in Pinner Memorial Park and five parents and some of the volunteered to help us to crossed a road safely and looked at bridges & a stream, flowers & trees.We loved picking up leaves, pine cones, branches, feathers & acorns for the new pouches in the playground & for our collages pictures.Finally I think this was a meaningful experience for me and I won't forget this!And we can learned a lot of knowledge around the world through this meaningful walk :)
Actually Pinner Memorial Park is the park where I was always played hide-and-seek with my mates when I was a little girl.I miss the way the park looks like.It's beautiful.I'll go there to take pictures when I everytime I go back to London.
I do love my own special place - Jigsaw Nursery School.


  1. What a nice intro of your special place, Chelsea! And is that lovely girl in the picture you?

  2. Haaa yeahh thats me ;]It was take in the Pinner park and I climbed up that tree haha i'm too cheery when i was young i always used my legs and hands to climbed up my house's stairs when i was young tho :D it was crazy!Well I actual do love my childhood took place in uk :)

  3. I m sure you had a wonderful and special childhood. Many children in HK cannot say the same. They have too much to learn and do. In my opinion, children should play as much as they can coz before they know it, they have become adults.

  4. Haa danke for the comment and yea i do had a pretty-awesome-childhood-ever :D Ohh sorreh I'm not reaally know about how the children in hk used to spend their childhood tho :( But i guess is not really different from mine in uk right.?And could youu tell me more about the children in hk LOLS.?I pretty agree with your own opinion cuz i actually got the same idea as youu lols =D